Tanya Robertson, SSE Customer Service Manager

We are proud to have worked with IncomeMax for over three years to deliver SSE’s Benefit Entitlement Check service. During this time, more than 4,000 customers have been helped and over £7.8 million has been identified in additional income. We look forward to continuing to work together to ensure our most vulnerable customers have access to the specialist support and advice that IncomeMax deliver.

Matthew Brown, Operations Manager, EDF Energy

EDF Energy, in partnership with our delivery partner IncomeMax, provide a comprehensive, independent and expert benefit entitlement check and support service for EDF Energy customer households that are either in fuel poverty or considered to be in a fuel poverty risk group. Together we have been able to find £8.9m of additional benefits and tax credits for vulnerable customers. This is an incredible recognition of the amazing work undertaken and represents the power of a successful partnership.

Jasper Davy, Head of Collections & Recoveries, Nationwide Building Society

IncomeMax provide invaluable support to some of our most vulnerable members, to help identify and claim additional benefits, grants and services the member is entitled to. They genuinely put our members best interests at the heart of everything they do, very much aligned to Nationwide’s own values, and demonstrate a level of care that is industry leading. In February 2019 they hit the milestone of generating £1 million of extra income for our members – a fantastic achievement, and one we are very proud of.

Mr J

I did it. I moved out of my filthy lodgings and got a little flat. Oh! It is so wonderful and all thanks to you. I think you are so lovely for being so patient with me.


Backdated Pay: £21134 Increase Annual Income: £4196 pa

Mr and Mrs K

We would never have known to ask the first time, let alone challenge it when they sent the first backdated offer. You really know your stuff. We have both bought mobile scooters and now we can get around once again. You’ve changed our lives.


Backdated Pay: £16086 Increase Annual Income: £8296 pa