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Helping Pensioners to Apply for Benefits

“We never would have known about this support without you. It will be so helpful going into the winter months.”

Are you eligible for benefits or financial support from the government?

Every year, billions of pounds worth of benefits are unclaimed. Many people don’t know what benefits they are entitled to. Others don’t understand the ins and outs of the benefits they get. Whatever your situation, it’s always worth double checking what you’re entitled to.

Mr and Mrs H were referred to IncomeMax by Agility Eco. When we first spoke to them, Mr H was off sick from work. He soon realised that he was too unwell to return to work.

Mr and Mrs H were caring for each other, but they weren’t getting any financial support for this, or for their health issues. We helped them to apply for the benefits they were entitled to, including a backdated payment for pension credit.

The extra money they now get will help Mr and Mrs H to pay their household bills during the winter and beyond. Their quality of life is better, and Mr H has even been able to treat himself to a new tablet!

Applying for Benefits and Financial Support

Mr and Mrs H are a pension-aged couple. They both have health conditions. After receiving their referral, we kicked off the process with a Benefit Entitlement Check. We told Mr and Mrs H they were eligible to apply for Housing Benefit, which would help to pay towards their rent. We also advised them to apply for Attendance Allowance.

We explained that if Mr and Mrs H were successful in applying for these benefits, they could then apply for other financial support. A few weeks later, Mr and Mrs H were awarded Attendance Allowance. They were also entitled to some Pension Credit, and we completed the application form for this on their behalf.

When this application was approved six months later, Mr and Mrs H received a backdated payment. Because they care for each other, they can also apply for the Underlying Entitlement to Carer’s Allowance in their Pension Credit.

Mr and Mrs H say they would never have known they were entitled to these benefits without our help. Now their income is higher, the pressure of affording household bills has dropped. This has reduced their stress levels and means they can enjoy a better quality of life.

How we Helped Mr and Mrs H

  • Agility Eco referred Mr and Mrs H to IncomeMax

  • We assigned a Case Handler to Mr and Mrs H. Our Case Handler called them to talk through their situation

  • Our Case Handler ran a Benefit Entitlement Check and looked at Mr and Mrs H’s monthly income and outgoings

  • We identified that Mr and Mrs H could apply for Housing Benefit and Attendance Allowance. We supported Mr and Mrs H to complete the application forms

  • We completed an online application for Pension Credit on behalf of Mr and Mrs H

  • We advised Mr and Mrs H to apply for the Underlying Entitlement to Carer’s Allowance in their Pension Credit

How We Can Help You

Are you claiming benefits or other financial support from the government? If you’re finding it hard to stay on top of your household bills, we can help. Knowing what benefits you’re entitled to isn’t always easy. But if you’re struggling to pay your bills, it’s always worth checking what you’re entitled to.

We can help you to take back control of your finances. Our aim is to help every vulnerable customer and low-income family in the UK to maximise their income. We want to use our knowledge to improve people’s mental and financial well-being.

We provide independent personal money advice. That means we’re well placed to help you find the support you need to steady your ship. We find new income for over 70% of our customers. If we think you can claim anything else, we’ll keep helping for as long as it takes.

Ready to take the first step? Ask your energy company, water supplier, bank, building society or debt advice provider to refer you to IncomeMax. If they’re part of our network, you’ll have access to our personal money advice services.

Once we get your referral, we will link you up with one of our Case Handlers. Their job is to look at ways you might be able to increase your income, reduce your outgoings and pay off any problem debts. Worried about making phone calls, filling in claims forms or challenging incorrect benefits advice? We can help with all that too.


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